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TitleIlliniGMD 42 HEMP
Other TitlesMatpower Format
AuthorsBirchfield, A. B.
Xu, T.
Gegner, K. M.
Shetye, K. S.
Overbye, T. J.
Issue DateOct-2016
PublisherTexas A&M University Engineering
AbstractSynthetic electric grid models are fictitious representations that are designed to be statistically and functionally similar to actual electric grids while containing no confidential critical energy infrastructure information (CEII). Some of these cases were developed with the support of the U.S. DOE ARPA-E Grid Data program; their support is gratefully acknowledged. A description of the initial algorithm used to develop these cases is given in: A. B. Birchfield; T. Xu; K. M. Gegner; K. S. Shetye; T. J. Overbye, “Grid Structural Characteristics as Validation Criteria for Synthetic Networks,” to appear in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. The IlliniGMD 42 bus case models a 500/345/161 kV fictitious network. The scenario starts with the system in a reasonable operating condition. Then, within a few seconds a high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) E3 blast strikes the system, inducing large amounts of geomagnetically induced currents (GICs) in the system. The scenario goal is to operate the system for five minutes without a system wide blackout. The key system controls are either opening loads or opening lines. Beware of generators tripping due to over excitation and frequency violations and loads tripping due to voltage violations! Without intervention, the system will experience a blackout in about 70 seconds.
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