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Issue DateTitleVersionData FormatFeedersLoadsBusesGenerators
Nov-2016Basic Example of UCM: A Controlled Resistor (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT0000
15-Jun-2020Bay_Area_Synthetic_Network0.8OPEN DSS2236226559449168690
Sep-2016Boost and Two-Level BridgeV1.0OpalRT0000
1-Aug-2015Brazilian Seven Bus System-PowerWorld--75
1-Aug-2015Brazilian Seven Bus System-PTI-PSS-E--75
1-Aug-2015Brazilian Seven Bus System-GE-PSLF--75
16-Mar-2018Challenging Transmission Level Test Cases for Power System Studiesv1Unspecified0000
2016CIGRE 3 - ​Simple case of fault on a transmission line (Available in HYPERSIM)V1.0OpalRT0060
2016Comparison of Induction Motor Startup with Different Rotor Designs (Available in Hypersim)V1.0JPEG0000
Jul-2010Comprehensive Distribution Test Feeder-Other----
Jan-2019CURENT Large Scale Testbed North American Grid with Dynamics-Unspecified01162944144
25-Jun-2018CURENT North American Grid-PTI PSS00944144
2016Delay Free Real-time Simulation of a Distribution Grid with 650 Nodes, Version with OLTC TransformerV1.0OpalRT0000
28-Jul-2019Distribution System State Estimation Algorithm-MATLAB0000
Dec-2016Doubly-fed Induction Generator for Wind Turbine Applications - All In OneV1.0OpalRT0000