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Issue DateTitleVersionData FormatFeedersLoadsBusesGenerators
1993118 Bus Power Flow Test Case-IEEE-CDF--118-
1993118 Bus Power Flow Test Case-PECO PSAP--118-
Aug-199314 Bus Power Flow Test Case-IEEE-CDF--14-
Aug-199330 Bus Power Flow Test Case-IEEE-CDF--30-
Aug-199357 Bus Power Flow Test Case-IEEE-CDF--57-
17-Jan-2018IEEE 118-Bus Power Flow Test Case-IEEE COMMON0000
1962IEEE 118-Bus System-PTI-PSS-E-9111819
1962IEEE 118-Bus System-PowerWorld-9111819
1962IEEE 118-Bus System-GE-PSLF-9111819
1993IEEE 14-Bus System-PowerWorld-11145
1993IEEE 14-Bus System-PTI-PSS-E-11145
1993IEEE 14-Bus System-GE-PSLF-11145
1993IEEE 30-Bus System-PowerWorld--304
1993IEEE 30-Bus System-PTI-PSS-E--304
1993IEEE 30-Bus System-GE-PSLF--304
Aug-1993IEEE 57-Bus System-PowerWorld-42577
Aug-1993IEEE 57-Bus System-PTI-PSS-E-42577
Aug-1993IEEE 57-Bus System-GE-PSLF-42577