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Issue DateTitleVersionData FormatFeedersLoadsBusesGenerators
2016110-Bus 500 kV HVAC Transmission System (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT001100
201616-Bus 230 kV HVAC Transmission System (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT00160
Nov-2017200-Bus 500 kV HVAC Transmission System (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT002000
201624-bus 230 kV IEEE HVAC Transmission System (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT00240
201624-Bus 25kV Distribution Feeder for Various Applications (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT00240
Nov-201735-Bus 500 kV HVAC Transmission System (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT00350
201638-bus 735 kV HVAC Transmission System (Available in Hypersim)V1.0JPEG00380
Nov-20164-Wire Test System (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT0000
2018500 kV Bipolar HVDC Link (Available in HYPERSIM)V1.0OpalRT0000
Nov-20176-Bus 230kV HVAC Transmission System (Available in Hypersim)V1.0Unspecified0060
2016600-Node 20 kV Distribution System (Available in HYPERSIM)V1.0OpalRT01242050
Nov-20177-Bus 230 kV HVAC Transmission System (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT0070
201696-Bus 230 kV HVAC Transmission System with 86 Lines (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT00960
2016CIGRE 3 - ​Simple case of fault on a transmission line (Available in HYPERSIM)V1.0OpalRT0060
2016Comparison of Induction Motor Startup with Different Rotor Designs (Available in Hypersim)V1.0JPEG0000
Dec-2017Equivalencing Techniques in Wind Power Plant Modeling (Available in Hypersim)V1.0OpalRT0000
Feb-2018Evaluation of Xd and Td Parameters of a Synchronous Machine (Available in HYPERSIM)V1.0OpalRT0000
2016FACTS: Application of the Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) (Available in Hypersim)V1.0Unspecified0000
Feb-2018How to Optimize a Model for Real-Time Simulation (Available in HYPERSIM)V1.0OpalRT0000
Feb-2018How To Use a 1-Phase State Space Equivalent from EMTP (Available in HYPERSIM)V1.0OpalRT0000